March 16, 2014

“A” Newborn Session | Oceanside Newborn Photographer | Camp Pendleton Newborn Photographer

When I first started doing this I really didn’t think newborns were  going to be my “thing.” Turns out you really shouldn’t limit yourself or tell yourself you can’t do something, because I absolutely love doing these photo shoots.  Turning our extra bedroom into a studio was amazing experience for me, and having these families in my home just a few days after their baby is born is really special for me!

Anyways, this little gal was born a week or so early and I was able to meet her and work with her when she was just 9 days old.  It took her a little while to settle, but after she did she was gorgeous! 🙂 Her parents were also super amazing too, I keep my house around 75-80 degrees during these sessions to keep baby warm.  If you are married to a marine you know that their Dress Blue’s are not the most comfortable, super props to this little girl’s dad for wearing his jacket in the heat so we could get these amazing pictures!

I talk way too much 😉 Enjoy!









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