January 9, 2018

Ask Anything | Client Gifts

“How Do You Serve Your Wedding Clients in a Unique + Fun Way?”

I am starting a new series for my blog in hopes to answer the questions I get over + over! If you have a question you’d like featured – email me kristinaelizabethphotography@gmail.com! Thank you!

I love finding gifts for people. I also remember just HOW stressed out I was the month before our wedding. There are so many things to do, and honestly just STAY AWAY from Pinterest during that last 30 days. We ended up changing the tie colors, and adding a gazillion decorations to the list the last month because of Pinterest. Lol. I love the website, but I also get completely sucked into “oh we need this! def need that! oh this is only $20!” Not a good idea during those last 30 days haha.

Anyway, when I was thinking of my 2017 couples and how I could serve them the best I could I knew I wanted to send them some sort of “thank you for booking me!” gift. I only take around 15 weddings a year and I really truly want the experience with me to be unique + personable. It didn’t make sense to me to send a packet full of information just about my business or little things that would serve no purpose. I also wanted the grooms to feel included. I see so many people sending bride shirts, bride nail polish, etc. which, is great but there are two people that are booking you!

SO, I was listening to The Goal Digger Podcast and the owner of Teak + Twine was being interviewed and fell in love with their gift boxes. They have options for everything! From asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding, to baby shower presents, to just because! They are all custom picked out products and I was sold. I decided to reach out and they put together this box exclusively for KEP Bride + Groom’s! I could not have asked for a better company to work with.

I decided instead of sending the gift right upon booking I wanted to send them 30 days before the wedding. After the timeline was finalized, and all of the little details were nailed down. For me, it truly was one of the most stressful parts. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, and some people need to be pampered during other times of the booking process. But, this year it was definitely a new thing for me and I loved every second of it! Thank you Teak + Twine!

Teak and Twine


The box included champagne, an amazing candle, a wedding themed planning journal, champagne gummy bears + relaxing bath salts!

I guess I am totally spoiling the surprise for 2018 couples but, Teak + Twine was such a huge part of my business this past year that I couldn’t let the year end without publicly thanking them! And, if you are a photographer + want to steal my idea — go ahead they are AMAZING to work with!



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