March 11, 2015

Camp Pendleton Homecoming Photographer | November 2014 | L Homecoming

I am so beyond behind in blogging it’s getting a smidgen out of hand! I can’t believe it’s already March?? So insane! Anyways so this homecoming is from November 16, 2014 – and it’s now March 10, 2015 – shaking my head I need to get better at this! Especially since homecomings are best told in a storyboard like this.


It was COLDD during this homecoming, we really didn’t even wait for that long (thankfully!) but, it was cold out for Southern California! I was so excited to be able to shoot this homecoming though! They were so adorable + nice, and I was so happy to witness them being reunited! How awesome are all of Hailey + her friend’s signs? I believe one of them was professionally made! So awesome!


This unit was 3/5 and they were coming back from the 31st MEU!


Enjoy 🙂





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Kristina Elizabeth Photography | 2014

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