July 9, 2014

Christian + Christina | July 3, 2014 | Steel Pier, Atlantic City | New Jersey Photographer

I met Christina through a photographer group she was asking for someone near Atlantic City because her and her husband were going to be visiting from New York.  I have lived down here my whole life, and actually never been to Steel Pier — so when she suggested that is where we do the session I was all for it! I even used to work down the boardwalk a little bit, and I still never have been there.  Anyways, this session was so much fun and really let me be creative with my camera.  I know that sounds weird, but I was able to do some awesome pictures in front of the carousel and with them standing in the middle of the boardwalk.  In return, they got to see me have  a minor freak attack.  Some of you have seen it before when I stand on something really high up in the air — well, I haven’t been on a ferris wheel since I was ten years old and I am pretty sure I cried that time.   So, we start walking over to it and I am telling myself it will be fine,  you won’t be scared.  Nope, still as traumatizing as I remember.  Pretty sure I had my eyes closed the entire time we were stuck at the top and holding on for dear life.  Give me a roller coaster any day, but sitting up there nut-uh. At least they were super nice about it and didn’t make me feel like the crazy lady I actually am! Next time I do a boardwalk shoot I will just have to decline on the ferris wheel. Enjoy <3



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