November 5, 2014

G Family | Oceanside Family Photographer | Kit Carson Park | Escondido, CA

I am obsessed with this family! I don’t get to work with older kids too often, but it was so much fun to capture their personalities and their relationships with each other.  I think you can see them perfectly in these images — I was legit hysterically laughing at the end of their session.  We did some cowboy photos at the end, and the boys made me laugh SO much.  I hope you love these images! They are some of my favorites. oceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographeroceansidefamilyphotographer


Oceanside Family Photographer | Oceanside Photographer | Kristina Elizabeth Photography

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  1. sarah says:

    beautiful work!! your posing is gorgeous. 🙂