July 1, 2014

Jonathan + Emily | Pre-Deployment Session| Camp Pendleton, CA | Del Mar Beach | Camp Pendleton Photographer | South Jersey Photographer

This girl saved my life back in May! Maybe not that dramatic, but Mike went to the field for two weeks and I had about 12 sessions, including 3 homecomings that were in the middle of the night.  Granted, I guess I technically could have taken Bryn with me to them — but, it was so much easier to let her sleep through them so I could go work and feel calm that she was with a responsible person! This same time period I am talking about was also during the crazy wildfires we had for those few days, aka when I drove around like a crazy person with all of the important stuff in my car just in case we got evacuated.  It was a super overwhelming time and I really couldn’t thank her enough for helping me help run + maintain my business! Her husband was also deploying soon so I was so excited + happy to do these pre-deployment pictures for them!





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