May 8, 2015

KEP is Moving! | Kristina Elizabeth Photography

So… I  guess I technically have TWO big announcements!


First …. KEP is rebranding! I’ve had this website since February of 2013 and it is time to switch it up a bit + make it look more to represent my current photography + business style. Not too much else will be different, but its time for a face lift 😉


Ok… and more importantly announcement #2!


Many of you guys know this already, either from me telling you, from inquiring, or from seeing me ask a million questions about it on Facebook (seriously, so many questions haha) — anyways, Mike will be getting out of the Marine Corps on October 17th officially, which means we will be leaving Southern California in September! The last weekend I am booked for is September 5th and 6th (both full),  and the last newborn due date I am taking is August 31.


Why am I announcing this so early? (It’s 4 months away!)


Currently my booking schedule is –

May – Full

June – 3 Weekend Spots Left – 2 Newborn Spots Left

July – Only Weekday Spots Left – Only 3 Newborn Spots Left

August – All Weekends + 2 Newborn Spots Left


I know it’s going to go by so quickly, so I just wanted to give everyone here in SoCal a BIG heads up! It is never too early to get on my schedule! As it gets closer I  will start booking for where we’re moving to 🙂 Right now it is looking like we will be heading back to the East Coast – so if you know someone getting married in 2016 I’d love to chat with them! If you have been following my page for a while you know that last summer we moved back only to come back out here a month later after Mike ended up not deploying, so its been really crazy + I am looking forward to being in one spot for A WHILE!


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