September 28, 2014

Oceanside Maternity Photographers | M Family | It’s A Girl | Steele Canyon Bridge

So it seems as though ever since I moved back to California, from my two weeks in NJ in July every month has had a “theme.”  August I worked with all families, then September it was all gender reveals! Now October I have so many newborn baby boy shoots! It’s crazy to me, but it is also really awesome.  Last week I went to the Steele Canyon Bridge down really close to San Diego.  I also can not wait until sunset is not during rush hour times anymore! I forgot how lucky I was when it was at 7/8 at night! This location was 50 minutes from my house, and I believe it took two hours to get there 🙂 Southern California traffic literally has a mind of its own.

Anyways, so this was my very first gender reveal where the baby turned out to be a girl!  They broke my streak 🙂 We had so much fun revealing it in so many different ways.  We started off with  the balloons, then went to confetti.  We also added in some paint, and my favorite part was their pink converse! I originally worked with these girls for the first time back in December last year to do their Christmas photos. It means the world to me to continue to work with such awesome people + families! I absolutely love what I do, so thank you!

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Oceanside Maternity Photographers | Oceanside Photographer | Kristina Elizabeth Photography | 2014

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