March 23, 2015

Old Orange County Courthouse Wedding | Orange County Wedding Photographer | August 2014 | Kristina Elizabeth Photography | Maya + Tyler

This wedding has been sitting on my desktop waiting to be blogged since August (yikes!) — anyways, I finally had the chance to get it on here. I signed up for a free website review from peek and the guy commented that “she looks like she has a lot of time on her hands” — false! I do not. So in case anyone reviews my website in the future, here it is – I have an almost two year old and no, there is not much free time! Blogging is an important part of being a photographer, but for me but it’s usually last. I also think it’s nice to look at them a bit later on and reminisce!


Maya + Tyler got married on August 30 of last year at the Old Orange County Courthouse – and before I talk about how special the entire day was, I just have to say how gorgeous the courthouse is.  It’s just so pretty (as you can see from the photos) and historical — and I’m a huge fan of both of those things.

The entire day was so special and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it! It was truly just about the two of them and their families and celebrating their marriage. It was an awesome day! I am also SO excited to be photographing their vow renewal / ceremony in front of ALL of their friends and family this coming September – a year after this one 🙂

I’ll hopefully be able to step up my blogging game before then — and have that one done a lot faster!






Old Orange County Courthouse Wedding | Orange County Wedding | Orange County Wedding Photographer | Kristina Elizabeth Photography | 2014

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