May 7, 2015

Rockaway Newborn Photographer | Kristina Elizabeth Photography | Baby M | 10 Days New

So the whole point of my NJ trip was to meet this little one! She was born about two minutes after I landed (got the text when we were getting off the plane!) I’ll just convince myself she was waiting for us to land (lol).   It was so nice to get to meet her + do these photos for her.  I figured in honor of her turning one month already I would get her post up today! It’s so awesome being an aunt, I get to spoil her + not have to worry about it .. lol 😉  Enjoy!
rockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographerrockawaynjnewbornphotographer.. And of course had to incorporate her big brother somehow 😉 This isn’t my usual set up, but since I couldn’t fly with all of my stuff it worked 🙂



Kristina Elizabeth Photography | 2015

Rockaway Newborn Photographer | New Jersey Newborn Photographer

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