March 24, 2014

Shasta + Tyler | Homecoming | Camp Pendleton, California | Camp Pendleton Homecoming Photographer

Last Saturday, I met with Shasta to help her welcome her boyfriend Tyler home from a long deployment to Bahrain (forgive me if I spelled that wrong :\ ) Dealing with the constant change of homecoming dates can be exhausting! But, you would never be able to tell after talking with this girl how many different times this homecoming changed! I stay at home during the week so I have a super flexible schedule, and I am so happy that this is becoming my full time job.  Spending my week photographing these events is WAY better than sitting at a desk all day (at least for me!)

Anyways.. if changing the homecoming date multiple times wasn’t bad enough! You’ll see below, they also pulled up the bus right in front of where we were standing, but… no one was on it! And she was still smiling! Being a marine’s significant other is such a roller coaster, and this homecoming definitely was one!

Most importantly, I am happy to see them reunited! Welcome Home!





Homecoming Photographer 2

Above is the bus incident, and here below is when they finally did start marching up 🙂






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