April 13, 2014

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Oh my goodness, well words can not even express how grateful I am for Monica + Jose.  The first time I worked with them I think it was around my 5th photo shoot.  Not sure the exact number, but it was way back in October  / November {why does that seem so long ago already}.  Turns out they would become my first “gender reveal” shoot, my first “maternity” and my first “birth”!  I am so privileged they decided to use me as their photographer for all three photo shoots; and give me the chance to capture these memories for them.  Anyway, this blog post is showcasing Monica’s all-natural birth.  From the first second the doctor walked in and asked her what type of pain medication she took at home “None, so don’t ask me again!” she stuck to her guns and was determined to get her baby boy out without any medication.  For those of you that know I was scared sh*tless about natural birth, and did not take that route with Bryn.  I probably would not have considered it with any of my future children if I had not been given this experience either, which I am so so so thankful for. It’s crazy that this has completely changed my outlook on life already.

To say that watching childbirth is a life-changing experience is an understatement.  It’s so amazing to see the different stages your body goes through as you go through labor, and that they are completely natural + normal.  When I first arrived at the hospital I was able to have conversation with Monica in between contractions, and then the different stages started to appear.  I believe at one point she told me that I could leave because he was never ever coming out! Haha — there were tears, from more than just Monica.  There were naps, there was pushing + then there was their beautiful little boy 🙂

 I’m so proud of her for sticking to her birth plan + I was also completely amazed by her doula, who I will need to hire for whenever I have my next child! Seriously, every time everyone would tense up she was there and you could feel the whole room relax.

I’m writing an awful lot for this post, but I really would just like to express how life changing + amazing this experience was for me.  To be able to see them become parents + grandparents was so beautiful.  I remember talking to Monica during the Gender Reveal and her mentioning in passing that she wanted a birth photographer — and now here I am sharing the images, and completely obsessed with doing them.

I am so privileged to photograph such special events for such amazing people — they will be heading back to Chicago soon but, I sure do hope at some point in the future our paths will pass again!

{ Monica + Jose | Baby Gender Reveal | November 2013 }


{Monica + Jose Maternity Shoot | February 2014 }

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