August 22, 2014

Welcome Home | C Family | Camp Pendleton, CA | Camp Pendleton Photographer | Camp Pendleton Homecoming Photographer

I don’t think I need to say much about this homecoming. She surprised him by bringing their son out a week before they were supposed to reunite so he could meet him for the first time at the homecoming. As we were waiting I asked her if he knew I was going to be there — but, she told me that he had no idea I was there, and he didn’t have any idea she + their son were going to be there either! (I may have been told that before, but it was 3 AM and my memory at 3 AM isn’t the greatest..) Instead of waiting another week, they decided to surprise him by getting a house and coming out early to meet him back from Afghanistan so he could finally meet his son. To be honest I think this may be one of the very top amazing things I have photographed so far — and I am SO lucky to be chosen as their photographer. Oh, and the whole thing took place between 3-5 AM and their son is only 6 months old, but still was probably the happiest baby there!   Welcome Back!


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