January 19, 2017

Your Wedding Timeline | How Much Time Do We Need?

Everly at Railroad

Your Wedding Timeline | How Much Time Do We Need?

Want your photos to look like this / with this light? Well, then we need shoot your portraits right before the sun sets, in an open area. I realized this information used to be in my pricing guides sent out to my brides, but since changing the guides I realized a lot of you are missing out on this info! And, what better way to spread the info than from here? I’m going to start a series of helpful blog posts for all KEP Couples. They will include tips for (what I think) is a day that ensures no one feels rushed, no one feels like all they did is take photos, butttt still turns out with absolutely beautiful photographs! I hope you all find this helpful, and takes some pressure off of planning your timeline!

Everly at Railroad

*Some weddings start much earlier in the day, this is based off of a typical 8 hour wedding day.

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The Beginning


  • Getting Ready / Details : (1.5 – 2 hours) During this time we will do all detail shots for both of you, bride getting ready, groom getting ready.
  • First Look : (10 minutes) If you are going to do a first look, it would be right after you get ready! For fall weddings, we would then go right into the wedding party photos!
  • Bridal Party: (30 minutes) This may vary depending on how big your wedding party is. Included in this time is individual shots with each bridesmaid, groomsmen, group photos of bridesmaids / groomsmen, and then a large group photo with everyone. Cooperation is key to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible!
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  • Ceremony : (15-90 minutes) This is the biggest variable when it comes to a wedding day! Some couples choose to have a very short ceremony, where some have very long Catholic masses. Just make sure you ask ahead for how long it will be! This is an awesome starting point for your timeline. Also keep in mind what time sunset is that day if you are having an outdoor ceremony.  Once you get your ceremony time chosen, it usually all falls into place from there!

Wedding at St. Dorothy's in Havertown


After the Ceremony

  • Family Portraits: (15-20 minutes) This largely depends on the size of your family and how many different groupings you would like formal photos with. It is best to do them right after the ceremony. It’s SO SO SO helpful to tell all extended family members that you would like a photo with to hang back after the ceremony so we can easily find them and can get through them as quickly + efficiently as possible.
  •  The Newlyweds: (30 minutes – 1 hour) The more time, the better! This can be split up into different times throughout the day. If you want to do a first look, we can do 15 minutes then / 15 minutes during sunset. If you want cocktail hour just for portraits of you two, that is fine too! I ask for at least 30 minutes of your day for just some photos of you two!


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The Party


  • Reception: (2-3 hours): Your first dance, cutting the cake, dancing guests, friends and family sharing your joy. If you don’t plan on doing a grand exit, usually two hours of coverage during that party of the day covers all of the classic events. If your reception will be taking place during sunset, try to allot some time to step away for a few portraits during the golden hour. If you are doing a grand exit, but don’t want the extra hours — stage one! Have a small group of (mostly sober, LOL) guests walk out with you and do a fun few sparkler photos!


The Farmhouse at People's LIghtAbbie Holmes Estate WeddingThe Manor House at Commonwealth WeddingWedding at Scotland Run Golf ClubI hope you found this helpful!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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